Need Safety Passports for your team

When you need to buy multiple National Safety Passport training seats for your team our system has some nice features to help you.

As the administrator of your team you can buy many passports in one go. Simply increase the quantity in your cart to the number of National Safety Passport course seats you wish to use.

In the checkout make sure you enter your details and your email address.

After purchasing either click the button to "Click Here to start your training" or visit the link in the email sent to you. This will give you the option to setup an administrator account in your name.

Once in the system as an administrator you will see all of the seats you have purchased for the National Safety Passport online course.

From your account page you will be able to send out invitations to your staff members, track their progress and see their online safety passport profiles when complete.

If you make a mistake on an invitation then you can easily cancel and resend the invitation.

Multilingual National Safety Passport Online

£89.99 inc VAT

The online EMSS approved National Safety Passport training course

Featuring all of the extensive benefits of the original Flash Drive version, the online edition is designed around quick access to your training via a Learning Management System (LMS) directly after ordering. Now it's even faster to qualify for the EMSS Safety Passport Card anytime, anywhere.

The LMS adds a new layer of functionality to the EMSS approved National Safety Passport eLearning program providing both individual and group access to the course.

The online edition is perfect for both single and multi-user safety passport training. Simply purchase the number of passports required and they are added to your training account or available for distribution to your employees. With integrated reporting and user trainee management, the online edition of the National Safety Passport is the fastest and most advanced safety passport training available.

English is not a first language?

The multilingual EMSS approved National Safety Passport Online now features English, German, French, Polish and Japanese subtitles built into the training.  

To attain an EMSS Safety Passport you will need to complete the training modules within our training and provide a photograph which meets the EMSS photograph requirements criteria. More information can be found on the About EMSS Safety Passport page.