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National Safety Passport Online


The all new online version of the EMSS National Safety Passport 

Featuring all of the extensive benefits of the original Flash Drive version, the online edition is designed around instant access to your training via a Learning Management System (LMS). Now it's even faster to qualify for the National Safety Passport Card anytime, anywhere.

The LMS adds a new layer of functionality to the EMSS National Safety Passport eLearning program providing both individual and group access to the course.

The online edition is perfect for both single and multi-user safety passport training. Simply purchase the number of passports required and they are added to your training account or available for distribution to your employees. With integrated reporting and user trainee management, the online edition of the National Safety Passport is the fastest and most advanced safety passport training for the same cost as the Flash Drive Edition.


The emss safety passport card is a gateway to your online safety and training profile. Add both experience and skills to demonstrate and prove competence for instant client peace of mind.


The only safety passport system to offer instant card holder verification with full comptency auditing built in.

For Industry

Developed by the North East SHE Partnership and distributed Nationally, emss is a truely fit for purpose safety passport

Instant Check

Check a passport holder online in an instant. No waiting for the awarding body to get back to you.


The fastest way to gain a Safety Passport. Buy in the morning and you could have your emss safety passport profile live the afternoon.

Cost Effective

With the emss safety passport you do not need to book hotels, pay for restaurants or take billable time away from work


Safety Passport Training goes mobile.

The latest version of the online course is now accessible on all devices. We have been working hard to restructure the content so it can be access via streaming media on your mobile devices and tablets.

This has been achieved in tandem with an all new delivery and learning management system as well as updated course material to reflect the latest legislation.

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