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The EMSS National Safety Passport online learning training course delivers a comprehensive curriculum of training modules.

Due to the course being online learning there are very little additional costs to take into consideration.

To see how much the National Safety Passport could save you, please fill in some details below.

Cost Calculation

Alternative Passport Training Cost (£)
Travel to training Cost (£)
Overnight hotel Cost - including meals (£)
Billable Hourly Rate of candidate (£)
Billable Hours lost (Travel time + course time)
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Cost Comparison

National Safety
Training Cost (£) £83.99 £100.00
Travel Cost (£) £0.00 £30.00
Overnight Cost - including meals (£) £0.00 £80.00
Revenue Lost (£) £180.00 £1080.00
Total Cost (£) £263.99 £1290.00
Saving £1026.01 per person