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How do I start the training on My Flash Drive?

Plug the Flash Drive in to your computers USB slot. If the window does not pop up automatically browse to your computer drive by clicking start, type explorer and click File Explorer. Click on the drive called NSP_USB. In this drive is a file called RunThe NationalSafetyPassport. Double click this file and this will start the Flash Drive application.

When using the flash drive I get the message "There is a problem reading the unique identity of the flash drive"

There are two main reasons for this error:

  1. Multiple drives
  2. Driver error

Multiple Drives

Make sure you only have one flash drive inserted at any one time.

Driver error

If the National Safety Passport program is run before the correct driver has finished installing this error can occur. Try removing the flash drive. Restarting the computer. Inserting the flash drive and waiting until the drive has finished installing the driver before running the National Safety Passport course

I don't have an email address and the Flash Drive requires one?

You have two choices

  1. Sign up for a free email account with Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo and use that email address
  2. Enter the email address of you manager (with their permission ... of course)

How do I access the training from the Flash Drive main menu?

On the Flash Drive main menu the module are listed in three columns.

The modules will either have a green tick and not be selectable, or will not have a green tick and will be selectable

Using the mouse click on one of the modules that does not have a green tick. This will load the training for that module

The National Safety Passport Flash Drive says I am not connected, what do I do?

The National Safety Passport Flash Drive enables people to complete our training on a computer that does not have the internet

However at the end of the training after selecting and adjusting your picture for the card and profile the Flash Drive requires an internet connection to upload the details to us.

If you do not have a computer with internet connection then you need to use a computer with internet connection or return the Flash Drive to us and we will process the drive here (if you have had issues with the photograph, please enclose a copy of a passport style photo and we will upload the photo)

Can I re-use the National Safety Passport Flash Drive?


The National Safety Passport Flash Drive can only be used once for one individual.

If you wish to help save the planet you can return the flash drive to us for recycling.

I have no internet connection, how do I complete the Flash Drive?

If you have the flash drive, have completed the training, selected and adjusted you photograph but do not have a computer with an internet connection you can return the flash drive to us to process at:

National Safety Passport
Fusion Hive
North Shore Road
Stockton on Tees
TS18 2NB

Is the training available in any other languages.

Our training is available currently in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Polish
  • Japanese

If you want the training in a different language please let us know what language you are interested in and the number of units you would require. Once we have enough interest in a new language we will translate the course and make new languages available.

I already have a Safety Passport, can I get an EMSS Safety Passport without going through the training again?

EMSS accept a number of different safety passports that meet its guidelines. Visit to see if your safety passport is accepted. If it is not then the National Safety Passport is the fastest way to get an EMSS Safety Passport.

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