EMSS - Essential Minimum Safety Standard

System Overview

Essential Minimum Safety Standard (EMSS) Qualification

The EMSS Safety Passport card first and foremost demonstrates that its holder has a verified level of underpinning health, safety and environmental knowledge and provides evidence of their ability to undertake further site specific training, instruction and inductions within high hazard environments.

Competency Management System

Once a Worker has completed all 22 comprehensive modules of their EMSS Safety Passport training they are automatically entered into the EMSS Safety Passport competency management system.

This cloud-based system enables the instant online checking of all candidates and ensures the integrity of the safety passport card. In addition, the card holder or employer is able to upload additional qualifications to the worker's profile with relevant evidence such as certificates, induction cards, licences and professional/trade qualifications. This ensures that the worker can show competence and that the client sites can be assured of compliance.

Safety-aware workers engaged by compliant companies in possession of the latest industry best practice training can only serve to improve OSH performance across all high hazard industries and ultimately save lives

System integrity

Secure, tamper-proof ‘holocoated’ safety passport cards proving an essential safety standard qualification developed by an award winning, world-class eLearning provider

  • Easy-read expiry date
  • Safety passports are valid for 3 years
  • Unique NSP identity number
  • Card holder verifiable via online check and mobile compatible QR code
  • Card security
  • Tamper-proof card
  • Identity fraud
  • User details sync online preventing duplication
  • NSP Competency Profile
  • Scanning QR Code links directly to online profile

Workers complete their EMSS National Safety Passport training and can be ‘live audited’ at any point using the EMSS website. This ensures that the high standard set by this unrivalled training course is maintained.