Multilingual National Safety Passport Flash Drive

£99.60 inc VAT

Multilingual eLearning safety passport course. 

Perfect solution if you work remotely or have limited internet access.

The multilingual EMSS-approved National Safety Passport Flash Drive now features English, German, French, Polish and Japanese subtitles built into the training.  

The 22 module course exceeds employer’s mandatory requirements to provide safety, health and environment (SHE) training at a fraction of the cost associated with more traditional safety passport schemes. The eLearning National Safety Passport course has been proven to hold the attention of the candidate and improve knowledge retention while making the learning a more enjoyable experience.

From only £83.00 (per person ex VAT & delivery) includes your internationally recognised EMSS Safety Passport Card.

To attain an EMSS Safety Passport card you will need to successfully complete the training modules and provide a photograph which meets the EMSS photograph requirements criteria. More information can be found on the About EMSS Safety Passport page.